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Snowden's AJ the Durango Kid

Snowden's AJ the Durango Kid

A Snowden Grandpa

In the early 1970s Ray Ramsey was fortunate enough to acquire Malamutes with old Southwind pedigrees that went back to the early, original Northwind line. Several of these dogs were very large, excellent examples. Since that time, his focus has been to maintain and fine-tune the excellent qualities of the M'Loot Malamute strain.

Snowden Alaskan Malamutes are tall and long-backed with large square heads. They are healthy, living twelve to sixteen years, and are slow to mature with no history of hip dysplasia. They are strong, intelligent and love to work. Snowden Malamutes are very Alpha but are soft and gentle around people. They are devoted and would give up their life for their master.

Snowden's CC Rider

Snowden's CC Rider -- A Snowden Grandma

Over the years Snowden Kennels has produced many sled teams and weight pull competitors, as well as show champions. Ray Ramsey has shown dogs and taught obedience for over twenty five years. Ray raised and trained two complete sled dog teams that were shipped to Spain. The kennel has produced several super lead sled dogs and an accomplished search and rescue dog. A number of Cascade IWPA International record-holding weight-pull champions, including Bubba Dog and Bic Mac, go directly back to the original Snowden ancestry. We are proud of all our dogs, and proud of their owners who have worked so hard to achieve these accomplishments.


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